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"Rethinking Plastics" is heading to Singapore to join the ISWA World Congress 2022 and share key lessons learned from our work on EPR. 

Join the "Rethinking Plastics" team and international consultants on conference day 2, Thursday, 22 September at 13:40 in the session "The Introduction of EPR: Tackling Plastic Packaging Waste in East and Southeast Asia through International Cooperation".

During the past 3 years, "Rethinking Plastics" has facilitated the transition towards circular economy in East and Southeast Asia. Governments, municipalities, producers, recyclers, and civil society in China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam have been exchanging under the project’s initiative on Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging. This presentation displays the lessons learned of the project, looking back at three years of very diverse EPR developments in the different project countries and discusses enabling and hindering factors for EPR for packaging in the future.

Elena Rabbow, Advisor, Waste Prevention, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Germany

Christophe Pautrat, Regional COO, Landbell Group, Germany
Sebastian Frisch, Founder & Managing Director, BlackForest Solutions, Germany



Please note: Participation is only available for registered congress participants. More information: ISWA 2022 – World Congress 21-23 September.