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‘Wala Usik’ means ‘nothing is wasted’ and adapts the principles of zero-waste and circular economy to the local context.

The pilot involves micro, small and medium enterprises, such as sari-sari stores, eateries, canteens and restaurants, in innovative circular economy approaches and plastic reduction initiatives.

What is a Wala Usik Economy? Check the video here

Implemented by: Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PRRCFI)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/prrcfi/?hl=de
Facebook: Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation | Facebook

“As a business owner, I do realize everyday that having a business we accumulate a large amount of plastic that we dispose of every single day. Imagine for a single business we can produce 10kg of trash in a day, multiply that to 30 days, that's 300kg of waste in a month. Wala Usik Economy is a good project because through this, in my own little way I know I can contribute to save our environment”.

- Laverne Traifalgar, Restaurant Owner, Thirdwave Restaurant

Tania Rheil Garcia, Food Stall Owner, Eleven11 Shawarma Station:

“Though the Wala Usik concept is new to my husband and I, we are really interested not just for us but for our children's future, that they too can experience and enjoy a clean environment. I wanted to make people realize that our planet is dying, and us as a small entrepreneur can help contribute to avoid this problem”


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