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The second session of our Wasteless Wednesdays Series on 15 June covered the exciting question 'From Raising Awareness to Changing Behaviour - How to Encourage Citizens to join the Circular Economy for Plastics' - in collaboration with the PREVENT Waste Alliance. Find here all presentations and the recording of the session.

Session 2 Recording

Many circular economy solutions, such as recycling, reuse and refurbishment schemes, will only be successful if people, but also all other stakeholders along the plastic value chain are aware of why a shift to a circular economy is needed and change their behaviour accordingly The second session of our 'Wasteless Wednesdays" series - this time in collaboration with the PREVENT Waste Alliance - built the bridge between successful awareness campaigns and the different levers of behaviour change that will help you develop even more effective approaches to encourage stakeholders from to participate in a circular economy for plastics. Participants learned about successful campaigning and why behaviour change approaches pay off in terms of programmatic and financial results and had the opportunity to interact with experts and practitioners from:

  • Nhi Thoi, CHANGE Vietnam: Plastic Beast Campaign
  • Sam Gray, Rare's Center for Behavior & the Environment: Expanding the behavior change toolkit for promoting a circular economy
  • Alina Gabdrakhmanova, Delterra: The Return on Investment of Spreading the Recycling Habit
  • Zhou Yanwen, GIZ China: Reducing Marine Litter through the Fishing-for-Litter Scheme


Please find the presentations below and you are welcome to watch the recording of the session. 

More animation needed? Please find our graphic recording video here

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