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Increasing awareness and knowledge

Information, knowledge, awareness and education about marine litter and the protection of the environment are key to reduce plastics and therewith plastic waste and its leakage into soils, waterways and oceans.

‘Rethinking Plastics’ cooperates with partners to provide information, increase knowledge and awareness and to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle with less plastics, for example through activities with the youth.

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In total, 5 to 13 million tons of plastic waste find their way into the world’s oceans every year.

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All Countries 27 Sep 2022

Navigating towards a Future without Plastic Pollution: ‘Rethinking Plastics’ takes stock and shares learnings after 3,5 years of project implementation

After working jointly for the past 3,5 years on plastic waste- and marine litter-related challenges, representatives from the ‘Rethinking Plastics’ partner countries and the European Union (EU) met today for the regional closing conference of the project to summarise its results and the lessons learnt. Kicked-off in 2019, the project brought together seven countries from Asia and the EU to exchange on policies, business models, best practices and their upscaling potential to reduce plastic leakage into the oceans, in sectors such as sustainable consumption and production, green public procurement, and on improving plastic waste management on land and sea. 

During the closing event H.E. David Daly, Ambassador of the European Union to Thailand said:

"Within the overall goal of saving and reusing resources to an extent possible, and limiting unsustainable resource dependencies, we in the European Union are of strong belief that the solution lies in transitioning towards a more circular economy. The project ’Rethinking Plastics – Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter’ allowed us to deepen the exchanges on policies, approaches and experiences with our key partners in East- and Southeast Asia and learn from each other. I am convinced that all the work done, the solutions developed, and the results achieved under this project, will prove to be of considerable value added in our future work and cooperation.”